Bisalpur Experience

~ Bisalpur Nature Reserve ~

Around half an hour from Ranbanka Palace, on the Jodhpur-Jaipur highway lies a large chunk of untouched forested area. Surrounded by the Bishnois, Bisalpur is a safe sanctuary where all living species are nurtured and protected. This arid desert terrain offers an ideal natural habitat for indigenous wildlife and livestock. Bisalpur Nature Reserve is a private protected area designated for the conservation of flora and fauna in Jodhpur.
Residents of Bisalpur include migratory birds, rescued animals and native wildlife like blackbucks, chinkaras, blue bulls, hares, jackals, wild boars, ponies, parrots, peacocks, and kurjas or demoiselle cranes among others. When a large number of camels were rescued from slaughter and had no place to go, the management at Ranbanka Palace became their legal guardian and Bisalpur welcomed them with abandon. These ships of the desert traveled a long distance to reach Camel country and are now flourishing in their most conducive natural habitat.
Bisalpur Nature Reserve is a natural and protected environment that is conducive for the conservation or rehabilitation of a wide variety of species. The wild residents of Bisalpur receive medical aid, nutrition & the best possible care. No activity that could place them in an unduly stressful situation is permitted here. Guests can visit Bisalpur Nature Reserve for a Morning Safari (Departure - 6:00 am) or an Evening Safari (Departure - 3:00 pm).