Yoga at Ranbanka Palace Hotel, Jodhpur


As the world progresses towards becoming more workaholic and fast-paced, take a breather and rejuvenate your mind and body by indulging in Yoga. At Ranbanka Palace Hotel, you can learn yoga from trained and experienced practitioners of yoga. Three of Jodhpur’s best Yoga instructors are available on-call to provide a choice of classes ranging from elementary techniques and relaxation practices to advanced asanas, chanting, breathing or meditation techniques. 

Widely known to harmonise physical, spiritual and mental health and put one in a positive frame of mind, this is a practice which originated in ancient India. Along with numerous therapeutic benefits, the various postures also have a drastically positive effect on the functioning of glands and hormones. It also promotes peace and wellness by exercising, activating and purifying the energy pathways or centres of the body.

Guests at our hotel with Yoga in Jodhpur can attend a group class in the garden or schedule private sessions in their room. The exclusive classes are customised to accommodate an individual’s physical, mental and emotional capabilities.