Spa by the Baradari at Ranbanka Palace Hotel, Jodhpur


The exquisite ‘Spa by the Baradari’ has been commended for its signature therapies. The scent of the kewara greets you as you enter this haven of tranquillity. The Spa at Ranbanka palace offers a complete bouquet of re-energizing and revitalizing packages. It’s an oasis of serenity a real delight for the senses, rejuvenating, detoxifying, enhancing packages that allow you to relive the days of royal glory. What could be more agreeable than relaxing in a bath full of flowers, with the scent of roses regaling your senses into absolute bliss?

Take yourself on a journey of transformation as you indulge your mind, body and soul in a refreshing and nourishing experience at our spa hotel in Jodhpur. Ranbanka Palace’s poolside ‘Spa by the Baradari’ offers its patrons traditional royal treatments, Ayurveda massages and exotic therapies. Rejuvenating Spa treats are tailored to each guest's discerning requirements. All ingredients are natural products sourced exclusively from Indian herbs, salt and pure essential oils to renew the senses and relax the mind. The trained therapists provide guests with a range of treatments to choose from including massages, scrubs, wraps and facials.