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Ranbanka Palace

Jodhana Courtyard

Romantic Restaurant in Jodhpur

  • Ranbanka Palace

Jodhana Courtyard pays homage to the culinary and cultural arts of colonial Marwar. This contemporary cafe transforms after dusk into a romantic restaurant complete with candle light and mellow rajasthani tunes.

Spread around a traditional marble fountain in the central courtyard, Jodhana Courtyard also features cultural performances by traditional langa singers and kaalbelia dancers. To know more about the Gala evenings & dinners, click here.

Cultural Evenings in Jodhpur

  • Entertainment

Guests can also enjoy the cultural evenings from the Chabutra, which includes a lively hotspot surrounding the oldest tree in the courtyard, traditional low seating next to the baradari and another laidback space below a canopy of leaves and lights.

The Chabutra is a great place to hangout and spend some 'me' time, especially during high tea. Freshly made goodies from our in-house bakery are served here in the evenings.