Careers at Ranbanka Palace Hotel, Jodhpur

Ranbanka Palace recruits the most talented candidates and further develops them through intensive training and extensive enrichment programs. Professional trainers are brought in every year to further enhance the team's customer service and communication skills. Ranbanka Palace also invites expert chefs from around the world to review or improve the menu and train the staff on new cuisines. The hotel has engaged a sommelier to provide training on new wines that are available on the menu. Ranbanka Palace also generates employment for nearby villages so the in-house training modules have been designed to simplify and instil the hotel's royal standards of service.

Ranbanka Palace stays abreast of developments in the hospitality sector. The hotel premises are regularly upgraded and the latest innovations in technology are incorporated. With greater emphasis on effective waste management solutions, Ranbanka Palace is also part of an ongoing campaign to clean Jodhpur. In this regard, the staff at Ranbanka Palace undergoes a training program on how to segregate waste in the kitchen so that edible food can be separated and given to animal shelters.

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